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Safety training and consultancy

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

CHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is a non-commercial scheme available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.

CHAS isn’t just for construction companies; it assesses health and safety for all types of suppliers, from care services to demolition contractors, designers and consultants. The aim of the scheme is to save time and resources by avoiding unnecessary duplication in the first stage of competence assessment; the CDM Core criteria.

A Plus Safety & Training’s CHAS application support process.

There are many reasons businesses seek support when applying for CHAS registration and our support service is geared to providing efficient, cost effective solutions.

The benefits of attaining CHAS registration are numerous and you don’t need us to labour on those, you probably already have a good idea of them?

How much does CHAS registration cost?

Here’s what to consider.

You pay the CHAS governing body directly for certification:

If you have 1 to 4 employees the registration fee is £140 plus VAT.

If you have 5 or more employees the registration fee is £210 plus VAT.

You may have already developed documentation which would support the application process.

You may have nothing in place.

Many of our clients have indicated the difficulty starts in getting the application process right with detailed forms to be filled in and supporting documents required.

We charge for our services but we work quickly and efficiently to ensure that you are provided with a cost effective service provided by an experienced and dedicated consultant. Fees vary as client’s needs vary, although you can be assured that there are no hidden fees, the fee you are quoted is the fee you pay.

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